The following is a partial list of the Picture Book Arts, Science, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Problem Solving Seminars, based upon PBP's Books/CD's and Musicals.

Books/CDs and Musicals: "Dream of Camelot:' Part One: "Fairy Tale That Ism't;" Part Two: "The Devil and Aunt Meany;" Part Three:"Timothy Bolt."

Seminars: "Corny and Gabe Meet The Legends of..;" "Dr. Magic and The Nine Secrets of Personal and Universal Transformation;" "The Butterfly Effect;" "An Act of God."

Purpose: To create a new Paradigm and a New Way of Thinking  that teaches people how to re-ignite the dreams in their hearts and use their minds to achieve their highest level of Consistently Good and Positive Thinking ahd Performance; Problem Solving; and, Consistent Top Performance in all areas of endeavors as well as in the career of their choice. It also teaches us how to apply this Paradigm and the Secrets of the Legends of the Ages to all other areas of life.

"The Course of Legends" presents legendary role models who have achieved the highest level of Thinking, Problem Solving and Performance in all areas of endeavors. It presents proven innovative thinking processes used by some of the greatest and most innovative thinkers and Legends of all time, including a combination of Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking, Fritz Perl's Gestalt Thinking, Kaballistic Thinking, Intuitive Thinking and the Process used by Olympic and Professional Athletes and The Legends of the Ages called, "Legendary Thinking."

These processes reveal how to solve your various problems by following your heart and using your mind to show you the fastest and best way to manifest your dreams and consistently achieve your highest level of performance and excellence, using  a combination of multiple and profound ways of thinking and a revolutionary new procedure called, Projected Picturing.

Entertainment Seminars: "Dr. Magic Saves The World;" and, "Corny and Gabe Meet.....The Legends of the Ages, the Legends of all areas of Arts, Science, Business and Sports including, Golf, Skiing, Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, Football, etc.; Business and Entrepreneurial Legends; Legends of  all Areas of Science, the Arts, Education, Industry and Professional, Legends of Entertainment; etc.

The stories of the geniuses, champions and heroes of the ages come alive as the entertainment seminar focuses on each of the legends, their background and the various laws and ways of thinking that they used to find and fulfill their purpose-driven-destinies and consistently achieve their legendary status in their specific field of endeavor.

These inspirational stories help achieve PBP’s overall mission:

To use entertainment and a multiple process of thinking to elevate the minds and hearts of people everywhere to become the heart-driven geniuses, champions and heroes we were all born to be in order to help others.

“International Arts, Business and Science Festival"

Created by

Allan Jay Friedman.


Karen Burke (Science); someone like Allan Jay Friedman or Rouben Terzian (Art); Houman Mahboubi or Steve Wynn (Business).


Introduce it at Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas with Steve Wynn and Dubai.


Do it in a different country every year.


This will include:


1. A "Symposium of Excellence" to create the 'perfect human-being' and a rekindling of the “Renaissance” with Nobel Prize Winners, etc.


2. A “Hall of Champions.” This will feature life-sized geniuses, heroes and champions of the ages.


With this “Dream World Toy Store,” ala “The American Girl,” we can create the “Dream of Camelot.” This will forever inspire children everywhere through the geniuses, heroes and champions of the ages, from every field of endeavor, that will be featured there.


These life-sized-talking and moving dolls will each tell how they found and fulfilled their destinies.


This will be done with on-going cassettes of each of their careers in all areas of the arts, sciences, business, engineering, entrepreneurialism and so on.


This will include picture-books of their lives and video-audio and board games called: “Games 4 U.”


This will include games like the Medical Game, Money Game, Power Game, Political Game, History Game, Goosebump Game and so on.


From this model, we will franchise these stores around the world to entertain, educate and inspire kids everywhere to manifest the vision of what the world could be, the “Dream of Camelot:”

We must find a lofty dream

That's in accord

With the dream of everyone.

Make it clear and bright

So we don't lose sight

Of its energizing sun.

Then, each one of us,

Doing what we love

Must strive to do our best,

Knowing what we love

Is for the good of the rest.


As we improve,

Our world improves,

We're a necessary part.

Without us doing what we love,

Our world will fall apart.

And the higher we climb,

The closer we'll be

To the Universal Goal,

Perfection of each one of us,

Perfection of our soul!

The above is based on the "Dream of Camelot," a 350 page completed book by the same name. This book will translate into a 3-Part Two- Hour TV Mini-Series and 3 completed Musicals. There is also a series of completed screenplays for movies, TV projects, Broadway Musicals, Stock Amateur Musicals, Entertainment Seminars, Toys, Video and Board-Games, Dolls, clothes, a Theme Park, Theme Hotels, New Vision Health-Entertainment City, etc. This will translate into a Major Entertainment Conglomerate Public Company. (All projects and people involved are available upon request and can be reviewed and navigated on this website: picturebookproductions.com).

Eventually, this company will be taken public.




Tony award and four-time Academy Award winner, lyricist, writer, composer: "Jekyll and Hyde", "Dr. Doolittle," "Scrooge," "Victor Victoria," "Willie Wonka” and the Chocolate Factory," "Goodbye Mr. Chips," "Goldfinger," "Superman," "Hook," and "Home Alone."

Movie Producer; producer of "Rambo" series of movies, "Total Recall," "Conan the Barbarian," "Red Dawn," "Big Wednesday," "Extreme Prejudice," "Tombstone," "Die Hard with a Vengeance," "The Scarlet Letter," and "Evita."

Casting Director for "E.T.," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and "Congo."

Television and Film Producer; producer, writer, and director of "MacGyver," "The Outer Limits," "Scarecrow and Mrs. King," "Mike Hammer,” "A Fine Romance" and “Poltergeist, The Legacy.”

Multiple Emmy Award Winner; Television Producer; Founder and Former President of CBS Films. 


All-Star baseball player and 3-time Batting Champion
for Kansas City Royals.

Professional Golfer; 2-time PGA and U.S. Open winner.

Decathlon Olympic Gold Medallist in Mexico City, 1968; President Olympic Alumni Association.


Professor of History, Boston University; National Author and Lecturer.


Research Scientist in Biophysics; Dermatologist, known for research on longevity and reversal of aging.

Chief of Medicine, Los Angeles Children's Hospital, Consultant to Mentor Foundation and World Health Organization. 


Father of Lateral Thinking, Rhodes Professor at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.