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The Musical

The story of eighteen homeless boys and girls from around the world singing and dancing as they tell their story of how they became homeless.

For the over 200 million homeless children around the world.

I am your tired, your poor, your homeless
Yearning to breathe free.

Where is that kind, gentle world,
You promised me?


I love the fireworks…the Fourth of July,

The taste of hotdogs….and hot apple pie.

I love a melody….that makes me sing.

I love baseball…. in the Spring.


I love the mountain air….the fresh scent of pine.


I love someone to care…whose heart touches mine.


I love a Teddy Bear, a childhood fantasy.


I love the sun setting on the sea.


I am you.
You are me.
I am who
You could one day be.
So open your heart,
And the darkest night,
Will glow
With a thousand points of light.


I love the faces…of children at play,


The warm embraces…that lovers display.


There’s just so much I love, you see!

I wonder why no one loves me?

There is so much…I love you see.

I hope one day… someone loves me.