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In 1948, six Arab armies threatened the existence of the newly formed state of Israel. This time, a cry for help from the Jewish people was heard around the world, and 3,500 volunteers, both Jews and Christians, came to Israel to defend the right of the Jewish people to a homeland.

150 of these volunteers were aviators. They left the security of their homes and sneaked into Israel, risking their native citizenship and certainly their lives through extraordinary acts of bravery. This was the beginning of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and the establishment of the State of Israel. Without these passionate individuals there would be no Israel. This is their story.

The importance of this story has attracted a creative team that includes three-time Academy Award® winning documentary director, Mark Jonathan Harris, legendary TOP GUN screenwriter, Jack Epps, Jr., and a composing duo of Allan Jay Freedman and Jonathan Tunick, who have among their honors garnered an Academy Award®, Emmy Award®, Grammy Award®, and Tony Award®. We also have a strong marketing and distribution team already in place in order to ensure that this film will be distributed theatrically as well as in many other markets. We plan for this to be a legacy film, one that will be seen by people the world over, and viewed by both current and future generations.

Now more than ever, with Israel losing the public relations war and with anti-semitism on the rise, this story must be told for audiences today and for future generations so they can understand and never forget how, by whom, and why the State of Israel was forged.

The Founding of the Israeli Air Force without which the State of Israel would have never been established. The text you have is fine. I was just able to open everything.

Additional information can be found on our website:  angelsintheskythemovie.com.
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“Angels in the Sky: The Birth of Israel” is a feature-length documentary film that tells the story of the 150 aviator volunteers from around the world – both Jews and Christians - who left their families and homes behind in 1948 to form the Israeli Air Force and thereby help to establish the State of Israel.

Facing adversaries whose technology and resources far out-paced those of the nascent state, these brave and disparate people came together, bolstered with faith, determination, and their belief in their cause and each other to help form a homeland for the Jewish people -- a place founded on democratic principles, freedom and justice.

It is an extraordinary tale of human valor, courage, bravery, and self-sacrifice.


Director: Three-time academy award-winning documentary director, Mark Jonathan Harris

Writer: Legendary scribe of Top Gun, Legal Eagles, Dick Tracy, and others, Jack Epps, Jr.

Composers: Oscar®, Emmy®, Tony®, and Grammy® award-winning composing team, Allan Jay Friedman and Jonathan Tunick

Production/Marketing Strategist: Former VP of Marketing, Motion Picture Group, Paramount Pictures, Jerry Meadors

Marketing/Media/Distribution Strategy: Former Sr. VP of Marketing, Motion Picture Group, Paramount Pictures, Susan Wrenn

Distribution Strategist: Former President of Worldwide Distribution, MGM Studios, Clark Woods

Co-Producer: Former division head and chief scientist of AOL and award-winning producer of entertainment technology at Warner Bros., Keren Perlmutter

Producer: Former story department head at Paramount Pictures, initial creative force behind several major motion pictures and PMEG company founder, Mike Flint


Target Audiences:

Jews interested and supportive of Israel

Christians interested and support of Israel

People interested in military/aviation/history

Communication channels

Faith-based networking

Internet and social networking

Targeted television advertising

Military specific campaign also will be used

Publicity will be directed to each group as well as to the documentary audience for qualifying for Academy consideration


Theatrical Release: Limited to wide platform release, starting with 10 “A” markets

Domestic Home Video/DVD: Rental and sell-through

Domestic Other: Universities, secondary schools, synagogues and churches, museums, etc.

Domestic Television: Domestic Pay, Domestic Basic Cable, Domestic VOD



Self-Distribution: This will return more revenue directly to participants.


Theatrical Release: August, 2010


It will cost $4,000,000 to create, market and distribute the film

$2.5 million for production

$1.5 million for marketing and distribution in 10 cities where our target audiences live

Suggested minimum participation: $180,000 (a nice round multiple of 18)


Recoupment of Initial Participation: 110%

Profit Participation: There is a 40/60 percent split for Participants/Producers after the recoupment of initial participation by Participants.

Tax Incentive: Section 181 of the Internal Revenue Code enables participant in this film to take 100% deduction of participation against his passive or ordinary income

The expected revenue return will roll back in within 3 years forward from the date of the theatrical release, as the film is exploited in all markets.