(An American In Paradise)

“Jonathan Noble writes all of his music for a love he was born knowing but has yet to meet...." 


Audio Track:

Song of Love

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More Than This


Description: More Than This




                              "An American In Paradise"


Description: More Than This




                              "IN LOVE AGAIN"


                     Screenplay, Music and Lyrics




                          Allan Jay Friedman


        (This movie will be followed by a Broadway Musical)

Purpose: To rekindle romance, beauty, elegance, and good values along with memorable music and lyrics and a classic love story to uplift us and make us aware of the 'deeper truth:' there is much more to life than what appears obvious.

“This is a story that is longer than life and greater than death.”

This will be the first 3D multi-national motion picture love story with songs sung in concert and voice-over like in “Sleepless In Seattle.”

The story takes the viewer on an adventure to some of the most romantic places in the world: a tropical paradise; New York City; London; Paris; Lugano, Switzerland; Italy.

It is told both visually and musically, with original songs, sung voice-over and in concert. The story spans two lifetimes, much like Madame Butterfly and The King and I and Somewhere In Time . It shows the differences in the two cultures: one believes in reincarnation, the other doesn't. It bridges the differences with “love.”

The story is told through the eyes of the young man's father, Parker, who has lived through both lifetimes.  It is the story of a young composer who begins a piece of music for his soul-mate at a charming Lodge in a tropical paradise, owned by his father, just before the two lovers are killed in a car accident on the foggy Coast Highway.

At that moment in time, a male child is born in New York City.

A female child is born in the tropical paradise that believes in reincarnation.

The young boy is born knowing the music he had begun in his prior lifetime as a gift to his beloved, but he can't complete it.

The young girl is born with a vivid picture of the misty meadow in which she and the love of her life had first made a vow to ‘never' allow anything to come between them and that which they love: he wants to be a composer like George Gershwin. She wants to be an artist but, like him, cannot complete her painting as she doesn't recall who the two lovers are.

The two lovers grow up in two different worlds, longing for one another and searching everywhere, using all the match websites and every other source available to find each other.

But, as life often does, they are separated and on their way to settling for someone else.


Engaged and about to be married to the wrong woman, the young man desperately searches his soul for an answer.

Then, while playing the haunting melody, he was born knowing on the very same piano at the very same Lodge in the tropical paradise, to where he has been drawn, he meets his father from his former lifetime, Parker, the owner of the Gershwin Bar and Grill.

As he plays his uncompleted "Rhapsody of Love," the love for whom it had been written and for whom he had been searching all of his life, enters the Grill.

What evolves is a story of what occurs when two star-crossed lovers meet the destiny for which they were born. A story of two cultures: one that believes in reincarnation and another that doesn't and what happens when these two cultures clash.

New and Classic songs include:

Our Love Is Here To Stay --  a George Gershwin song. His songs will be used throughout the movie.

New songs include:

Enraptured Piano Rhapsody

Another Love Song

What Am I Doing Wrong

Is It Real

One Love

We'll Keep Our Love Alive

The Meadow of Forever

A Moment In Time

The Concert (Take It From One Who Knows, The Years Between, I Saw Your Face.)

Why Must You Go?

That's the Way It Is With People

All The Years


I Want To Be With You

Tell Me Why


Rhapsody of Love

More Than This

In Love Again

IMPORTANT: To fully understand the ‘heart' of this story, the score must be heard before reading the screenplay.

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