This is Book Three of a Trilogy of Books called, "The Fairytale That Isn't." It addresses the greatest mystery of our time and what we can do about it: Who destroys our dreams and the dreamers throughout the ages and why and how they accomplished this amazing feat? The first introductory book is:"The Greatest Story Never Told" (Chaotica Vs. Camelot). This book combines the fairytale heroes and legends in two different kingdoms: the ancient kingdom of Camelot and the modern kingdom of Chaotica. It is a modern-day parable about our world today.

In today's world, the normal has become the abnormal and the abnormal has become the normal. Illusion has become reality; and, reality has become illusion. Everything is reversed and backwards. Because of it, everyone uses the abnormal as the basis of truth, reality and their value systems. Until each individual understands how and why this reversal occurred and its disastrous consequences, nothing can be done to ameliorate it. These series of books address this crisis of values and spirit that is destroying us and our children in an entertaining and enlightening way.

BOOK TWO: "DR. MAGIC SAVES THE WORLD" - Book completed. (Google: picturebookproductions.com and click on Projects. Scroll down to this title and click it on, if you want to read a brief description.)

SYNOPSIS OF BOOK THREE: TIMOTHY BOLT is a thirteen-year-old boy who thinks with his heart instead of his analytical and reactive mind. Because of his sensitivity, awareness  and intolerance to what is occurring in the world and what it is doing to everyone, he goes on a quest to learn the true secrets of the heart. In Rainbow's End, he meets the love of his many lives, Lorean, along with the fairytale heroess and legends of the ages. From Lorean, he gains a new vision of What Could Be and the process of how to manifest it. He then comes back to his world to present this new vision and to challenge the fairytale villains. He also returns in order to find the sacred items hidden on the planet that will  transform it into the Paradise it was created to be. Through this elevating vision and these new revelations, he shows mankind how and whyit got into the terrible state of affairs it is experiencing and a way to, once again, reclaim its humanity. This, he has learned, is the only way to defeat the Forces of Darkness, who are in their final stage of transforming the once Magical World of What Is into The Ultimate Machine That Wasn't.

(This is a series of books, picture books, a musical, motion picture. television series and a whole product line of video games, toys, dolls and merchandise of all kinds.)


                               The First Four Parts of Book Three

In Book Three, "Timothy Bolt" (The Magic Mirror of What Is), we meet Timothy who is a sensitive thirteen-year old boy who thinks with his heart. We learn that he is the last feeling human-being in a non-feeling world of human-havings and human-doings.

Timothy has been chosen to complete an Ancient Prophecy: To transform the Machine That Wasn't back into The Magic World of What Is that Earth was created to be. This must be accomplished before the last leaf of the Lone Fig Tree at the foot of Mount Machine has fallen to the ground.

The book begins with a bit of Timothy's painful life in an uncaring and heartless microcosm called, the Brain-O-Mation Corporation.

Brain-O-Mation is a computerchip company that produces the games and the multi-leveled microchips placed in everyone's brain that determines their name and physical characteristics along with their position of power and status in the Machine.

Brain-O-Mation is located in Game Town, which is the largest corporate city in the White Component, which is the most powerful Component among the ten multi-colored Components in the Machine That Wasn't. 

From the pain Timothy experiences from the loss of those he loves, he discovers his destiny-driven-purpose.

Distressed and ill-equipped to fulfill his overwhelming mission, Timothy quits work. Through a series of mysterious circumstances, he finds his way to a magical world called, Rainbow's End.

In Rainbow's End, Timothy meets Lorean, a beautiful young lady, and Orysus, a wise Master. They teach Timothy how to un-armor his heart and re-assemble the shattered Magic Mirror that has been placed within everyone's heart.

The vision etched upon this mirror, if ever re-assembled, has the power to both transform Timothy and the Machine That Wasn't back into the illustrious being  Timothy was born to be and the Machine into the Magical Paradise it was created to be.

In order to re-assemble the mirror and see the vision etched upon the mirror, Timothy must go through a series of tests and a major transformation that will prepare him to go through the Golden Flame.

Only by going through these tests and this transformation and the  Golden Flame can Timothy melt away the illusion of time, space and material appearance. Only by doing this will he be able to re-assemble and see the full vision on The Shattered Mirror.


The magnificent and inspiring vision etched upon the mirror is the greatest threat to the Group and the Darkmasters, who control the Great Machine. You see, this vision will inspire, empower and enable Timothy to not only manifest the vision on the mirror but to become the invincible Golden Bolt, the teen-age hero of the 21st Century. 

Only Golden Bolt and the Purple Crystal, which Timothy's brother had given him before his capture by the Dark Forces, can give him the power to create the Knights of Light who, together with Timothy, can defeat the Dark Force, the Group and the Darkmasters. This is the only way to transform the Machine That Wasn't back into the Magical World of What Is that Earth was created to be.

If Timothy doesn't accomplish his mission by the time the last Fig leaf at the foot of Mount Machine has fallen to the ground, the Dark Force, the Group and the Darkmasters will complete their Master Scheme: To forever control the economy of the Machine and enslave all of its inhabitants to serve them as their servants.

On Timothy's amazing adventure, he befriends a young black boy by the name of, Peter Pin; is tempted by a gorgeous and deceitful villian by the name of Automata Nut; is threatened by the evil Jack-the-Repair; and is re-energized by a bunch of tin cans that have been molded together into an amazing creature by the name of Scrap-Metal.

Finally, Timothy pieces together the Magic Mirror. Through its incredible vision, he becomes Golden Bolt.

As Golden Bolt, Timothy creates his ever-growing force of young people called, The Knights of Light.


Timothy's next quest is to find the Lost Secrets of Projected Picturing. Once he finds these Secrets, he and his Knights will be ready to re-impower and humanize a Machine of human-having's and human-doings in a world determined to keep them from manifesting the vision etched upon the magic mirror within each of their hearts.

It isn't long before Timothy creates a Revolution of Spirit with his ever-growing number of Knights, who begin to expose the Evil Master Scheme and destroy the  evil Dark Force, the Group, the Darkmasters and the Evil System of What Isn't, which is destroying everyone and everything in the Machine.


Soon, Timothy comes face to face with his two greatest rivals: Yenrab the Terrible and Reficul the Mastermind who control the Group and the Darkmasters who control the Machine.

This is a transformational series of action-adventure books about a young boy, with a great heart, whose one mission in life is to help transform The Machine That Wasn't, which is on the verge of extinction, back into the Magic World of What Is that Earth was created to be.

It is also a love story that transcends time and space: the love story of Timothy Bolt and Lorean, who we later discover are Adam and Eve, who have come back to earth sometime in the future to make amends for having eaten the fruit on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that caused all Earth's problems.