by Allan Jay Friedman

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Audio Tracks:

My Son, The President

I've Got To Leave Him

I Will Intimate The Sun


Kennedy takes a fresh look at the magic, romance and elevation of spirit created by the beautiful King and Queen of America. The story is told through the eyes of the ghost of John Kennedy.

 JFK has come back to earth to set the record straight about what has been written and said about him. Most importantly, he has come back to make sure we remember him for the dream with which he had attempted to inspire the young people of the world rather than the negativity of which most books have focused.


The story begins when John Kennedy meets the ghost of his dead brother, Joe Jr., on the beach in Hyannis Port. Inspired by his brother, who throws him the football that represents Excalibur, John thinks about running for the Presidency despite overwhelming obstacles. These obstacles included such things as youth, wealth, education and a religious belief that, up to this time, had kept many a leader from his or her pinnacle.


Finally, John is persuaded by his power-hungry father, Joe Sr., to take the plunge.


The family rally around the young prince and his beautiful princess, Jackie, motivating him to pull the sword from the stone and become King of Camelot or, as they call it in this country, President of the United States.


Moved by his dead brother, Joe, Jr., and inspired by his Merlin, who is Abraham Lincoln, John takes us on a journey to find who kills our dreams and our dreamers as he goes in search of his own Holy Grail: The dream asleep in his heart yearning to be set free.


In the process, we discover how he attracted his own assassination, who really killed him and why and, hopefully, ignited a desire to rekindle the dream and recapture the innocence, magic and romance that once was along with John's true intention: To create a world that is a safe and noble place for children.