"Trust Your Goosebumps Cornelius Puck"

"It's Never Too Late To Be Who You Wanted To Be"

by Allan Jay Friedman

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Audio Track:

Christmas In The City


This is a motion picture with music that is the basis of a TV series and Broadway Musical  

At the age of thirty-six, Cornelius Puck, who has done everything “right” in his life, according to society's rules, realizes that if he doesn't do something “wrong” quickly, he isn't going to make it to thirty seven.


Just as he is about to jump off the Empire State Building, a magical stranger appears, Gabriel Hornblower.


Gabe takes Corny on an adventure through his lifetime. Here, he discovers that his happiest moment was when he and the love of his life, Jenny Skyler, were sixteen-years-old. They had made a vow to always follow their heart and do what they love with the person they love: Corny to write inspiring musicals to elevate everyone's spirit; and, Jenny, to be an artist, whose paintings elevate the world.

Corny must now pick up exactly where he left the loving path.

This is “The Magical Mis-Adventures” of a new kind of hero. A young hero, determined to find his real self and rekindle his dream in a world determined to keep him from it.


But, this is more than just a fantasy, it is the story that depicts the need for a reversal of values: a change from what we were once led to believe was “right” to what we were once led to believe was “wrong.” A change from a material civilization to a spiritual one. A change from a world that only educates the mind to a world that also educates the heart. It is a call for transformation.

This is the basis of a series of books including , “Corny and Gabe Meet The Legends of Golf, Business, Entertainment, etc.…” It is also a daily cartoon series, a Series of TV Specials, a major musical, a motion picture and a series of entertainment seminars along with limitless merchandizing.