The intention of each of the following projects is to create one small part of the "One Unifying Vision of What the World Could Be" and not what it now is until that Vision is manifested on the Planet. It is to create a New Paradigm and a new Vision that reverses all of our current values and priorities, through entertainment. It is to re-invigorate. re-energize and perpetuate truth, hope, love, romance, elegance, humor, good music, good principles, values and priorities, through entertainment and claim back our balance, power, freedom and control.

These Value-Based Projects and Brands use Good Music, Lyrics and Great Stories, Old and New: To Inform, Inspire, Elevate and Educate, through Entertainment.

They were created to take people on exciting new adventures on uncharted paths with out-of-the-box ideas and new worlds to explore to motivate and inspire us to create that 'Paradise Of Light' on Earth that we were created to manifest.

(NOTE: Much of the proceeds from these projects will go to help the over 150 million 'homeless' and abused children from around the world along with homeless and abused pets and the infirm, rejected, aged.)

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"Dream of Camelot"

Book, 3 Musicals and 3 Motion Pictures

(Part One of a Trilogy of Parts called: "The Fairytale That Isn't.")

This is Part One of the Dream of Camelot," called "The Fairy Tale That Isn't." Within this innovative book that includes 3 musicals and 3 movies and an Entertainment Seminar called, "The Legends of the Ages." It  will feature Nobel Prize Winners and various legends, much like Peter Loew does in his seminars, which are presented in 5-10,000 seat venues. This book, Musicals, Movies and Entertainment Seminar will create a new Paradigm, new Vision and new Brand that will be introduced by a Picture Book and a CD of the score along with a CD and DVD and a Dream World Toy Store that features a Hall of Champions with the Legends of the Ages for young people to learn how to find and manifest their purpose-driven-destinies.

These will be life-size talking Interactive Legends that young people can talk to, from all fields of endeavor, that tell how they found and manifested their purpose-driven-destinies. There will be smaller replicas that they can buy.

Pinocchio and Mounette


The Musical and Motion Picture

"Pinocchio" meets "Romeo and Juliet"

Purpose: To reverse our current values and priorities and rekindle our humanity and those noble virtues and qualities that make us human.

Trust Your Goosebumps Cornelius Puck

The Book, Screenplay and Musical

"It's Never Too Late To Be Who You Wanted To Be"

Purpose: To start a 'goosebump' revolution where people trust 'that whisper from God' within their hearts instead of our dishonest media and leaders and others we have allowed to assume power over us; and, collectively, reclaim back control over our lives and become heart-driven instead of mind-driven  in order to manifest our dreams to help others and to create 'Heaven On Earth.'

The Camelot Conspiracy

Book, Movie and Musical

JFK comes back to Earth to set the record straight about what has been said and written about him. It reveals his true dream and those Secret Societies who destroy our dreams and our dreamers to fulfill their Master Scheme of creating a New World Order that will terminate billions of people and fully enslave the world under their control. It also explains why they are doing it and what we can do about it. In short, it reveals the truth about what really occurred during JFK's 1036 days as President, our loss of innocence; and, its effect on the future of the world.

Through this revelation, it rekindles JFK's Dream: To make the world a safe and noble place for children.

Kingdom of Innocents

Based on a Novel by

Mildred Cram


Two children from adjacent estates in England take a vow on a magical Druid Stone never  to grow up in spirit but only in body. And so begins a magical adventure we would all wish to live ...until the aunt of the girl and the uncle of the boy see the opportunity of taking over both estates by proving these two idyllic lovers are insane.

Purpose: To rekindle our innocence, which was lost after the Kennedy Assassination.


Love in Paris

A Motion Picture with Music

An American in Paradise

A motion Picture with Music

Alternate title: "In Love Again."

Purpose: To rekindle beauty, elegance, romance and good values along with good  music, lyrics and a classic love story to uplift us all and make us aware of the 'deeper truth' that there is much more to life than what appears to be. This is a story that is longer than life and greater than death.

This will be the 3D First Multi-National Motion Picture Love Story with songs sung in concert and voice-over. It will also initiate the promotion for a Major Land Development that will include a Major Health-Entertainment Center, like City Walk, a Resort Hotel, Major Shopping Center and Gorgeous Condo and Residential Area that will help make the 'chosen' country, the Romance Capitals of the World. (Note: We already have one of the world's finest architects and the heads of government and other financial sources and leaders of countries involved.)

Timothy Bolt

This is Book Three of the "Fairytale That Isn't" Trilogy of Books and Movies where Adam and Eve come back to Earth, through many incarnations, to make amends for having eaten upon the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil against God's Will and for, thereby, screwing up the Planet.

An aware and fearless, young thirteen-year -old-heart-driven-super-hero, who thinks with heart. He comes to show young people everywhere the limitless powers and abilities they have when they reconnect their mind with the Dreamsmith, who lives in their hearts. Together, they manifest the dreams in their hearts, against all obstacles.

Angels in the Sky

A Motion Picture Documentary


In 1948, six Arab armies threatened the existence of the newly formed state of Israel. This time, a cry for help from the Jewish people was heard around the world, and 3,500 volunteers, both Jews and Christians, came to Israel to defend the right of the Jewish people to a homeland.

Without them, Israel would not exist today.

Purpose: To keep people aware of how Christians and Jews joined together in a life-saving battle to create the State of Israel, which others are now trying to eliminate from the face of this Earth.

Think and Bea

(Adventures Through The Human Body)

"Think and Bea" meet "Fantastic Voyage"

The animated adventures of a little boy named Think, and a little girl named Bea... through the human body and mind. Here, they meet both the villains, who destroy us, and the heroes, who save us. Through this vast adventure, we learn how to protect our spirit-mind-body from those dark forces out to destroy us and what we can do to save ourselves and live the wondrous life that 'could be.'

Super Wimp

A movie to TV series that is a comedic reversal of "The Hulk" Meets "James Bond" - a Super-Hero Football Star becomes the embodiment of his worst fear: being a little guy. Unfortunately, the woman the Super-Hero loves dislikes him as a big guy, but she loves him as the little guy. He must now save the world as a little guy.

Purpose: To show the power of a little guy to save the world.

El Paso


An international Country-Western "Cheers" - a movie that is a pilot for an hour TV Musical series.

Purpose: To rekindle our abilities to make fun of ourselves and eliminate the barriers and hypocrisy that separate us.

Going Sane

 A movie  and musical based on Samuel Butler's "Erewhon."

In Erewhon, it's a crime to be sick and to be sick is treated as a sickness.

Purpose: It presents a New Paradigm that replaces the Old and

shows us a New and healthier way to live.



The Musical

The story of eighteen homeless boys and girls from around the world singing and dancing as they tell their story of how they became homeless and question why?

An Act of God

A motion picture and musical.

Purpose: To reveal the War of the Sexes and what we can do about it.

An unrepentant, philandering womanizer is killed by the women he's three-timing his wife, ex-wife and girlfriend. A puckish heavenly emissary gives him one last chance of redemption to avoid the chute to hell . He must go back and help two despondent and screwed-up screenwriters create the great romantic love story of our time.

The Gay Person's Guide to Finding a Mate

The Musical

A musical and motion picture about Gay People's Quest to live and be accepted, like any other normal and free human-being, in a world determined to keep them from it.

The Working Girl's Guide to Finding a Mate

The Musical


The Beautiful People of Beverly Hills

The Musical

Heroes and Villains

The Musical

About the heroes, geniuses and champions of the ages. and all the fairytale heroes who have been reincarnated to reveal the Hidden Secrets disguised within all the stories and fairytales that the world would have killed them for revealing, if presented in any other way.

"If you want to tell the truth, make it fun and entertaining or else the establishment will kill you!" (partially stolen from Oscar Wilde.)


Movie and Musical


About the Lives of Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Segal and The Founding of Las Vegas.

The Fairytale That Isn't

"Camelot" Meets "Wicked"

Movie and Musical

That tells: "The Greatest Story Never Told."

Kick 'em to the Curb!

The Nation's Newest Live Dating Game

I am Woman (TM)

The Empowerment and Transformation of Women

The Fourth Wave in The Feminist Movement

The time has come for "I AM WOMAN" to be written in the history books as the "final wave" in the feminist movement, that changed the world back to the world it was in the beginning: where man and woman were equal; a world where women can stand up and say:


Satan's Secret Societies

A Major Book and Motion Picture

About the Looming Oil Crisis; who's behind it;  the horrible disasters it will soon create; and, what we can do about it before that occurs.

                     Another possible Title might be:

            "Whoever Controls The Oil Controls The World!"
("Satan's Oil Cartels and Secret Societies and What We Can Do About Them?)



The Musical

"This Must Never Happen Again To Anyone, Anywhere, Ever!" 

The story of the ghosts of eighteen men and women between six and ninety telling the stories about their horror-adventures in Aushwitz and what they learned from them, in passionate and touching song and dance, ala "A Chorus Line," so that we never forget and repeat this again.

Six Colored Hats

The Musical

Dr. Edward de Bono's New Paradigm and New Way of Thinking called, 'Lateral Thinking' that can transform our thinking and, therefore, the world.

Mystic Traveler

The Unknown Christ... A Story Never Told... Prepare to be Astounded!

The Movie

Dare to Dream

The Musical and Motion Picture

The amazing out-of-the-world story that inspires young and old alike everywhere to take risks and to strive to become the noble, enlightened and value-based persons we were created to be by manifesting our purpose-driven destinies in spite of all obstacles.

Teddy Big Heart

Toy Line and Animated Movies

"The Adventures of Teddy Big Heart" - by Laura McDowell. This is the animated adventures of a loveable and vulnerable bear with heart eyes and paws and a big heartlight, who sees with his heart. It is the story of a heart-driven bear who transforms all the animals in the jungle in order to save them from the enemies determined to destroy them and their environment: MAN; and, through the wisdom they acquire, they then save man from himself. This is a tremendous toy line of every animal there is, who all have heart eyes and paws and a heart light and can, therefore, see with their hearts.

The actual toy bear has been created and manufactured. Teddy Big Heart will serve as the 'model' for all of the other animals in the toy line and books to emulate.


The Count of Monte Cristo

The Pop Opera

The Ultimate Revenge

The Devil and Aunt Meany

A Kaballistic Musical and Motion Picture

The First Pre-Broadway iPAD Musical

The First Animated Kaballistic iPAD Musical, that uses all the fairytale characters, in modern dress and attitudes, to tell a story never before told. This musical will be produced on iPAD before going to Broadway.

Love In A Piano Roll Factory

A movie  and musical


"A Portrait of Jenny" Meets "Madame Sousatzka"

Many other Books, Screenplays and Musicals are not displayed on this web site. They include: "Trilby" (The Musical) by John Jakes and Allan Jay Friedman;" and, "The White Star."

"El Paso" -a Multi_National "Cheers" by Bill Froehlich, Allan Jay Friedman and Jeff Silbar.

"Undaunted" -A Utopian Opera by Michael C. Tobias, Allan Jay Friedman and Jeff Silbar.

"My Sister Elynore" = by Robert Rudnick, Allan Jay Friedman and Jeff Silbar.

"Mistress Sally" - the Musical - This is The story of a black slave named Sally Hemings and her relationship with Thomas Jefferson with whom she bore six children.

"The Greatest Story Never Told" - this entertaining story creates a new Paradigm and a New Way of Thinking that helps to transform people into the purpose-driven individuals they were created to be, proving that 'the dream is the only reality.' It is the first book in the trilogy called: "The Fairytale That Isn't."

"Knights of Light" - a movie to TV series featuring a high school group of young people who take on the government and industries of small towns and cities throughout the world and reveal the Secret Societies and the individuals trying to create the Enslaving "One World Order;" and, what we can do about it. It is a movie created to save mankind, the environment and the economy of the world from those determined to enslave and control us. This is a young "Mission Impossible" with a twist, inspired by the trilogy" "The Fairytale That Isn't."

"Little Truckers" - an animated TV series adventure about 7 girls of all denominations who have a passion for trucks and who take that passion and the dreams they have that they create in the back of the truck to all the peoples of the world: one wants to be a doctor so she creates a doctor's office and surgical room in the back of her truck to care for people; another wants to be an animal doctor so she creates that facility to save animals; the other is a performer-writer and composer who creates a musical to elevate the world in the back of the truck to take to the people of the world; another has a gym in the back of her truck; another wants to be a dancer so she teaches dancing in the back of her truck; another saves homeless pets which she takes all over the city to find someone to adopt them; etc.

Each girl has a specific pet she has saved and loves and cares for; and each girl has a major problem to overcome in order to manifest her purpose-driven-destiny.

There are 7 books -- each based on one of the girls, their family and her problem and how she overcomes it and the values and priorities learned. A major book and movie has been created that brings all 7 girls together to learn the lessons each must learn if they're to fulfill their destiny. This is a major Brand with all kinds of dolls, clothes, environments, etc.

"Maxwell Byrd" - A Rock Opera about an Angel that comes to Earth  to transform Maxwell into the noble and magical person he was born to be.
"Calamity and Wild Bill" (The Musical)- Love Letters" Meets "Calamity Jane" by Catherine Ann Jones. The struggle of a mother who has given up a child for adoption and all that she goes through as told through her daughter, Janie, and Wild Bill Hickock.

"The Piano Bench" (The Musical) -- As a child and young man, Allan Jay Friedman dreamed of working with many of the legends of his childhood like Ayn Rand, JFK, Gene Kelly, Steve Allen, Gloria Swanson, Buzz Aldrin, Edward de Bono, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis , Jr., David Wolper, Dale Wasserman, Eddie Heyman, Bob Merrill, Sammy Kahn, Dorothy Parker, J.R.R. Tolkien and A.A. Milne among others. He had no idea if most of them were alive or not but he was inspired by all of them and even wrote music to their stories and to their lyrics, replacing the classic melodies with his own. All of their pictures, books and sheet music, he placed in the bench of  his Baldwin Grand Piano in El Paso, Texas, that his parents had given him when he was sixteen. About twenty five years later, he opened the old piano bench to find the pictures, books and sheet music he had placed there so many years before. To his surprise, he discovered that he had either worked with, become friends with or had collaborated with each and everyone of the people in his Piano Bench.

Note: Each Picture Book Production Book/CD/Musical/ Movie/TV Series is a Brand an Industry unto itself. Each has a full line of books, CDs, clothing, toys, video games and other products. All the movies will be followed by a Broadway Musical/Concerts or the Musical/Concerts will be followed by a movie, TV Series or On Demand or Pay-Per-View Presentation.