4-5 one to five-person musicals will be performed each season. Each is a Brand unto itself with books, CD's, toys, games, video games, hats, T shirts, etc. We will also do a season of 4-5 on PBS and sell our products on it. Each is also a movie or TV Special or series with follow-up concerts, musicals/operas, movies and Broadway productions.

Note: We also begin a Butterfly Movement in each city in which we do our season of 4-5 musicals, beginning with the concert or musical,

Our initial musicals,  which will be promoted through schools, colleges, shopping centers, museums, hotels and with the Mayors of each city introducing each show at a theater or space in each city.

Google: picturebookproductions.com -- Mission and Marketing. We've already test marketed this in all of these spaces and it works. Over 20,000 people attended and approx. 10k books and CD's were sold in one city alone (many to schools and private Corps. and organizations like the Rotary Clubs, etc.


Game Plan: Get a Producer in each city to be a 50% partner, like McDonalds (begin small and grow to 100's and later 1000's.) After the first four to five musicals are done in spaces that seat 300-8000 at appropriate ticket prices for a minimum of 10 performances, we will take it Public. Like Mc Donalds, we will then franchise these all over the country and world with DVD's of scenes and CD's of score ala Karoeke and a star and the appropriate space in each city for minimum cost and ticket prices, with licensing fees and requirement that they sell 10k books/CD's per show at appropriate cost. If schools, shopping centers and museums participate, they will receive royalty.

Museum, hotel and shopping mall displays bring the pictures, stories, music, to formal and informal exhibits. These displays generate income for charities as well as awareness of PBP events and products.

Picture Book Displays feature enlarged and numbered individual images from the Picture Books. These enlarged pictures hang on walls or rest on easels at each location. Visitors guide themselves through the display at their own pace by matching the number on the picture to the number of the soundtrack on the portable CD player.

PBP has created a Symphonic and Inter-Active New Art Form to accomplish its mission through value-based entertainment. This Magical Art Form allows hundreds or thousands of 3D Interactive One to Five Person Theatrical Docu-Musical Productions to be performed, simultaneously, for minimal costs and ticket prices. This New Art Form will enable poor countries, that can't afford this kind of exciting and enlightening entertainment, to enjoy the best of what this country has to offer. (Click on: New Art Form.)

PBP's goal: to prove you can make more money by giving rather than taking and by doing that which is positive, noble and true instead of negative, greedy and untrue. Our goal is to fully inform, inspire, elevate and create a world of truth, nobility and loving, heart-driven-human-beings instead of the current world of lies, ego, greed, fear and mind-driven human-havings and human-doings in search of a human-being.


PBP was created to re-awaken the dreams in our hearts and to motivate everyone to manifest that "One Unifying Vision" of making the world a free, secure, safe and noble place for children; and, that way, re-ignite the passion, balance and freedom we were created to enjoy.

PBP's goal is to inspire humanity to fulfill its purpose-driven-destiny-destiny and to 'consistently' achieve its highest level of excellence and performance.

Its purpose is to educate, inspire, elevate and entertain and to reveal the 'truth' of what is really taking place in this world of ours. At the same time, it is to encourage respect for the 'diversity and beliefs' of each individual. For, it is only through truth, mutual respect, diversity and nobility that we can, 'collectively,' create that 'Paradise on Earth' that we were born to manifest.

NOTE: Each PBP project is preceded by a book and CD of the score and an Audio Musical Book. Five books/CD's have been published and eight more will be released within the next twelve months on the internet, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, eBooks, Kindel, along with other outlets.

Each book is followed by a 1-5 person musical production. They are produced with a piano or orchestra of any size and a major star and cast from cities and countries throughout the world. This builds the value and reputation for each project along with promoting the sale of its products.

This is followed by multiple and simultaneous releases in new spaces other than expensive theaters at 'low' production and ticket prices. These new spaces include: colleges and school auditoriums, churches, movie theaters, warehouses, conventions halls, hotels and so on. They will be produced at minimum production costs with affordable ticket prices. They will be distributed and released as actual internet productions while distributed and performed in the thousands of professional and stock-amateur venues, simultaneously, throughout the world.

Additionally, they will be performed and distributed to the brand new, untapped 'world market' that could not formerly afford the cost of production or ticket prices. This market is much larger than that of the USA. Along with the theatrical and internet releases, all of its products, books and CD's will be released in these markets as well.

Five new productions are in pre-production: "Kennedy;" "El Paso;" "The Working Girl's Guide to Finding a Mate;" "Trust Your Goosebumps;" and, "Pinocchio and Mounette."

These productions promote and add great value to the Motion Pictures/Video Games/TV and Internet Specials, Entertainment-Seminars and thousands of Stock-Amateur Productions that will be produced annually with follow-up books, CD's , dolls, toys and other merchandise.

Each Book/CD and Audio Musical Book is a separate Brand unto itself. They are promoted through the press and on the internet as well as in major museums, hotels, shopping malls, on television and every other source available. All of these are news-worthy' as well as PR-worthy. They will elevate' the image of any person or organization involved in sponsorship.

PBP has some of the best PR people in the business as well as one of the finest toy-makers in the world in charge of the Toy Division.

PBP will present first-of-its-kind-entertainment-seminars-on-the-internet with Nobel Prize Winners from every field of endeavor, Major Celebrities, Olympic and Professional Athletes and major members of the business community where all PBP products will be presented and sold.

These products, "educational and elevating video-games" and entertainment-seminars are perfect for organizations and sponsors to purchase 'en masse' for the over 3M homeless children in America and the 150M homeless children, orphanages and needy children throughout the world as well as homeless and abused animals.

There will be five inter-active live productions and entertainment-seminars produced, simultaneously, each year in thousands of venues around the world. They will use major stars from each specific area, with one DVD and one CD with the visuals and the score pre-recorded.

PBP will also be producing new value-based movies and TV productions along with musical productions based on already produced TV productions, movies as well as presented on the Biography, History and Discovery Channels. This will give renewed life to these productions and their products as well as re-vitalize and illuminate a rapidly diminishing 'awareness' market in an entertaining and enlightening manner.

Many musicals have already been produced in the stock-amateur market. These include the only authorized versions of "Winnie the Pooh,""The Hobbit" and "Pinocchio and Mounette."These productions have been getting from five-hundred to one-thousand productions a year for over thirty-years.

PBP uses all forms of multi-media entertainment and a new Art Form along with a new way of living called, City Vision. City Vision is an entertainment-driven real estate and development company. It combines optimum spiritual-emotional-mental-physical and environmental health. It is designed by a leading architect. (Google: picturebookproductions.com: Projects: "An American In Paradise.")

In conclusion, PBP is a first-of-its-kind-value-based-family-multi-media-family-entertainment-internet-company that explores known and unknown worlds in order to revitalize our dreams, passions and hopes. That way, we we can more fully enjoy the wondrous thrill of living the way God intended: On Purpose and with Heart.

(Note: An estimated ten-million dollars has been invested and over forty-years of work have been dedicated to the creation of the projects contained within the PBP website. Each completed and work-shopped and test-marketed project has an estimated and perceived value of from 3-5M dollars, according to industry standards.)


There will also be a series of Entertainment Seminars like: "Cornelius and Gabe Meet the Legends of Golf," starring such Legends as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Billy Casper, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan (all of whom will be animated on the screen).

The Hall of Legends will feature the talking statues of the legends of the ages telling how they found and fulfilled their destinies. There will be Legend Dolls who talk and teach children everywhere how they found and fulfilled their destinies in their specific field of endeavor. There will also be CD's, toys and video games that teach children about each profession.

The Annual International Symposium of Excellence will be headed by Dr. Karen Burke and Dr. Edward de Bono and a Nobel Prize Laureate, who will help bring people from around the world together to evolve the Ultimate Model for Human Excellence, Health and Nobility.

The International Award for Excellence and Nobility, ala the Academy Awards and Nobel Prize, will be televised. Each year, it will induct the best and the brightest living legends from around the world who represent fifteen fields of endeavor.

Museum Displays will feature the best new artists in the world. Here, the patrons will wear a head set and listen to the particular piece of music for which the painting was painted. (See above pictures).

PBP will distribute and promote its books and CDs through a major book publishing and recording company and Stock-Amateur company as well as its own. A licensing fee and royalty will be charged for each musical plus the requirement that each licensee sell a minimum number of PBP books with CDs. One or more Corporate Licensee's will be brought in to promote their image through PBP's goal to inspire and elevate the consciousness of the world through entertainment.

The Chosen Theater or Hotel, where the four productions a year will originate, will participate in all the royalties received from the shows licensed and cloned around the world. Instead of paying the tens of millions of dollars they have formerly paid for the productions brought into their theater or hotel, they will now have a continuing and ever-green interest in PBP shows that they originate and produce, which will not only make them a substantial and increasing income each year but will also help those in need from around the world.