How the Picture Book Productions New Art Form Works?


PBP has created a New Symphonic Art Form and Brand to accomplish its mission through value-based family entertainment. These are presented as theatrical musicals/musical concerts introduced by a book and CD, Audio Musical Book  and, later, with motion pictures, television series and other multi-media events, video games, dolls, toys and merchandise of all kinds.

This Art Form was created to provide the highest quality value-based multi-media entertainment at the lowest possible production costs as well as the lowest ticket prices so that we can bring our projects to all the people in the world, poor and rich alike.

One of its primary focus is one-five person theatrical musicals, biographies, health and entertainment seminars, using this brand new art form for 3D interactive theatrical concerts, musical productions in small, medium and very large venues, like the Staples Center, that will evoke one's imagination.

PBP productions will be performed with symphony orchestras, a huge screen, special effects and a star in the very large venues.

They can also be performed with one-five persons, an empty stage, a grand piano and sound effects along with a large, interactive screen and as many musicians as desired in any size venue including theaters as well as almost any venue.

Hundreds or thousands of these productions can be performed, all at the same time, for minimal costs and ticket prices in smaller venues and in poor countries that can't afford this kind of elevating entertainment, using their own stars.

These productions will be sales vehicles and produced work-shops for old and new Motion Pictures, Television and Broadway Productions, videos, iPad and all other areas of media, old and new, known and unknown.

Picture Book Productions takes the visual ingredients of a motion picture, adds the orchestral soundtrack of a Broadway musical or three or fourlive musician and one major star.

As Cirque du Soleil is to the Circus, Picture Book Productions is to Theater. These Pre-Broadway shows will be franchised to Producers in hundred-thousands   of markets around the world as a Season of PBP productions.

These productions will then be cloned as either short versions for schools and churches around the world or as full versions to the over 10,000 untapped markets. Their purpose is to inspire and elevate those who cannot afford this kind of entertainment. Much of the money will go to a Charity to help get the over 200 million homeless children off the street; save the oceans; forests; jungles and environment; as well as to help the aged and children with Cancer. From this, there will be a Pay-Per-View and PBS Series and a major motion picture or TV Special or Series.

As the star tells the story, we see the images of the story visually unfolding on the large 3D, interactive movie screen behind him/her.

Additionally, there will be the appropriate sound effects, voice-overs, honking horns, crowds, rain, thunder, lightening, the ocean as well as other visual effects that evokes the proper mood and activates one's imagination and sensory systems. This New Art Form embraces a Symphony of sounds, colors, images and special effects.

PBP presents a revolutionary, new art form with all the production values of a Broadway Production at minimal costs.

These productions, where the visuals or movie clips are on one DVD and the orchestral track is on one CD, will then be cloned and produced as a season of Pre-Broadway Concerts in hundreds to thousands of cities throughout the world, with a major Producer in each city, using their own talent and a star, which we can provide, if desired.

This innovative approach to major musical theatrical presentations will be presented from the author-composer and lyricist's point-of-view. They will be the first shows produced that reflect the true intention of its creator (story teller), without compromise.

In reality, this is Interactive Theater, which we call, Picture Show Theater.

Picture Show Theater is book and music-driven entertainment that begins with an Audio Picture Book that is a condensation of the Major Book/Biography/Seminar/Musical upon which the production is based.

Picture Show Theater can also present new style musical/concerts based on already produced and new movies, television shows and book biographies, , classic stories and fairytales as reflected on our Product pages.

A Broadway (or other venue) Musical, Motion Picture and/or TV Special or Series will follow. Each new production/book/CD is a Brand unto itself with its own book/music publishing, toys, dolls, clothes, video/internet games, and other merchandize to follow.


All the images in the Picture Book become three-dimensional images on the screen that are on one DVD. The orchestral track is on one CD. The orchestra can be changed into any key to fit any performer. Each musical will require only a One Time Cost for producing the DVD and CD and a few live musicians, if desired.

With one 3-D Visual DVD and one Music CD, PST can be cloned in thousands of tapped and untapped markets around the world at one time using a star, if desired or the actor-singer from each venue. If desired,  this can include a small band playing along with the pre-recorded orchestra, giving it the feeling of a full live orchestra with a Broadway sound, without the major cost.

Why You Would Want To Be A Licensee And Partner With PBP?

Picture Show Theater allows people and communities throughout the world to become the Producers of their own season of four entertaining and inspiring Pre-Broadway Productions a year for minimal costs. These productions. whether a one to five person musical, a biography, book or seminar or one of each, will generate substantial income for individuals or their communities.

PST provides a theatrical outlet for stars with limited time commitments. It also creates new stars and new material for Broadway, motion pictures, the video and television market as well as books, CD's, clothing, toys, merchandising of all kinds, video games and a limitless Licensing Potential. Each Book, CD and Musical is an Industry and Brand unto itself.

Picture Show Theater provides an exciting and new outlet for existing film and television libraries such as the Biography and History Channels and any new or old Musical with their related products that will produce ever-green and ever-growing revenues.

PST has both an Adult Version of each musical and a Young Person's Version that entertains, educates and inspires.






1. We begin with an empty stage.