PBP's mission is to inform, inspire, elevate and educate through value-based, multi-media-family entertainment and all of the eight arts: music, dance, art, literature, sculpting, fashion, musicals/opera and film.

We hope to awaken the dreams in everyone's hearts to manifest their own purpose-driven-destinies to help others in order to manifest a "Unifying and Noble Vision."


The bread-and-butter operation of Picture Book Productions (PBP) will be 1) the Picture Book Audio Musical  Book Publishing Company. In back of the Picture Book, that illustrates the story, is the Audio Musical. The musical tells the complete story with the Author or Star as the Story Teller; and, a cast of unknowns singing and performing the other parts in concert in a small to 8000+ seat venues with a symphony orchestra or just a Grand Piano or small orchestra.

The project attracts the star and cast. The star attracts the audience. Since the star can read the Story Teller's part, there's minimal recording and rehearsal time. This allows stars to do both the recording and concert when available. And, since the concert can be done in any large or small venue, there is no time parameter like there is for theater, which requires bookings months or years in advance.

Each PBP production is designed to be a 'Brand,' with every conceivable related product. Each ‘Brand' will reflect one small part of our over-all "Vision of What the World Could, Should and Will Be" if we, collectively and passionately, manifest this 'Unifying Vision.'


In essence, PBP uses many forms of multi-media and electronic-media, through a brand new ‘Art Form' called the 'Story Tellers Musicals;' a new style of Audio Books called 'Audio Musical Books;' and, a new style of writing called, ‘Magical Reality.'


OUR MISSION includes using entertainment and the airways to transform a critical mass, which is one-percent of any given population, into being heart-driven instead of mind-driven.

A life that is solely mind-driven can be too easily manipulated by media, business, and government with instruments of fear, doubt, envy, greed, confusion and discouragement thus creating an endless cycle of debilitating disillusionment.

It is our goal to make sure that the heart harnesses the mind rather than the reverse and, thereby, rekindle the hopes and dreams in our hearts to inspire, re-empower and elevate people everywhere to fulfill their purpose-driven-destinies. This is living "On Purpose with Heart."

Art Form

The licensed musicals for the stock-amateur and other markets will include the script, music and lyrics and production notes along with one DVD that contains all of the interactive-three-dimensional visual images that includes documentary footage and excerpts of movies and animation; and, one CD that contains the orchestral track, which can be adjusted into any key. 


What Is Needed?


a. Appropriate star and actors and orchestra (pre-recorded, live or piano.)

b. Minimal rehearsals and time commitments.

c. Almost any kind of space.

d. A projector, large screen, CD player and sound system.


What PBP Accomplishes


PBP produces first-class concerts/musicals and Audio Musical Books that can be presented at the lowest production and tickets costs to reach the widest audiences in the world.


PBP's Major Concerts, Theatrical Musicals and Audio Musical Books will be presented in multiple languages and sold and performed in small and very large spaces in towns and villages throughout the world that could not formerly afford such productions nor their ticket prices. This will include a complete product and toy line along with video games, etc.


Additionally, PBP creates new stars, new artists and new test-marketed material for Broadway, motion pictures, television, pay-per-view, and the video and stock-amateur market.