Dr. William Harrison
President of Entertainment Seminar Division

Dr. William D. Harrison, a pioneer in Sports Science, is the Co-Founder of the Center for Top Performance. He was educated at the university of California at Berkeley, receiving a Bachelor of Science and Doctorate in Optometry from the School of Optometry. Dr. Harrison has spent last 25 years Studying, analyzing and refining the basic qualities that create Gold Medal Winners, P.G.A. and L.P.G.A. Champions, World Series and Super Bowl Winners, Emmy and Oscar winning Writers, Producers, Actor and Actresses. His personal research has led to the principles and practical application of "The Course of Legends."

As a Sports Performance Specialist since 1972, Dr. Harrison has consulted with numerous Olympic and professional sports teams, including such top Performers as George Brett, Greg Maddux, Billy Casper and Jim Colbert. He was involved in the "behind the scenes" changes and performance development of several organizations including the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Royals in the 1970's, the San Diego Padres in 1984, the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1989 and the Atlanta Braves in the 1990's.

Currently, Dr. Harrison is a consultant with Callaway Golf, Inc., Scripps Clinic Shiley Sports and Health Center, Pros for America's Youth, the Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Royalds.

Dr. Harrison has been credited by 1995 and 1996 Senior PGA Tour champion Jim Colbert as being a key reason for his improved golf perfomance over the years.

Dr. Harrison has also worked with golf greats Billy Casper, Carol Mann, John Schroeder, Dale Douglass, Butch Baird, and numerous top instructors including Jimmy Ballard, Dr. Craig Farnsworth *a member of Nick Faldo's team of experts), Ray Carrasco, Gary Wiren, Shirley Spork, Shirley Englehorn and Rick Rhoads. He has lectured widely with PGA Sections of teaching professionals, the PGA, LPGA and National Golf Foundation national meetings as well as written numerous articles for golf publications, Golf Magazine, Golf World, Aqua Field, etc. Dr. Harrison and his partner, Allan Jay Friedman, have recently completed a golf book, "Dr. Magic and AJ Meet The Legends of Golf."