Rowland Perkins

Co-Chairman of the Board

Rowland Perkins has been an entertainment industry leader for more than 40 years as innovator, executive and pioneer with the world's two most successful theatrical agencies, the William Morris Agency, Inc. and Creative Artists Agency, Inc.

During his 16 year tenure at the William Morris Agency (1959-1975), Mr. Perkins established an unprecedented record of growth for the company's TV Talent Department which he led as its Director as well as helping coordinate the agency's entire talent base. He was then chosen to formally organize a Creative Services Department, of which he was, made Vice President. The job of this department was to formally organize and expand the television packaging business which had been started by the agency, but had been running on an ‘ad hoc' basis.

As William Morris's Vice President of Creative Services, Rowland Perkins implemented a total reorganization of the television packaging operation, pioneering a dynamic Creative Services Department and establishing a new industry-wide standard for performance and services while helping introduce the then novel concept of “motion pictures for television”. In one year alone he oversaw the development of 63 television projects that resulted in 21 produced pilots, which yielded 7 new series for the fall schedules.

In 1975, Rowland Perkins became the founding President of the then upstart Creative Artists Agency, Inc. Throughout the duration of his 20 years at CAA, the company experienced historic growth emerging from its original five principals to more than 350 employees.

After nearly two decades of outstanding leadership and accomplishments, Mr. Perkins left CAA which is today the world's leader in its field breaking new ground in diversified services encompassing advertising (Coca Cola), investment banking (Sony/Columbia and Matsushita/MCA) and consulting for companies in the communications and technology fields and actively pursuing the information superhighway .


In 1995, Mr. Perkins incorporated Double Eagle Entertainment, Inc. to replace The Rowland Perkins Co., Inc. that he had established in 1994. Double Eagle Entertainment Inc. was established to develop and Produce feature, network and cable television films. They are also exploring Broadway and other creative entertainment opportunities. During this period Double Eagle Entertainment, Inc. was involved in the

development and production of “Psychic Chronicles” a Special/Pilot for UPN, the critically acclaimed (Humanitas Award, ACE and Emmy nominations) “Hiroshima” for Showtime and Frederick Forsyth's “Code Name Wolverine” for Fox. In addition they developed several theatrical motion pictures. 


Mr. Perkins sat on the Board of Directors of Mainframe Entertainment, one of the world's largest CGI companies, based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He also sat on the Board of Directors of Netter Digital Entertainment, Inc. (NDEI), the Burbank based company that produces the TV series “Babylon 5” which aired for five years and currently is on TNT. In March 1998 he resigned from the NDEI Board, at the

request of it's Chairman Douglas Netter, in order to take a role as Consultant to the company so he could take a more active role in the company's strategic development.


Currently, Mr. Perkins is Chairman and heads the Board of NPOWR Digital Media, Inc., a tech company that holds five basic patents and approximately 300 claims and is currently forming several strategic alliances before taking it's product ‘stimTV', which allows consumers to personalize their entertainment choices automatically, into the broadband market place in October of 2006 when it will launch it's first ‘Cinema Channel'. Currently their ‘Music Channel' is up and running 24/7. Mr. Perkins, through his high level connections, as made promotional content deals with almost all of the studios as well as acquiring numerous independent product.


In addition, Mr. Perkins currently serves as a consultant, executive producer and the U.S. representative for Eagle Pictures SpA, an Italian film Production and Distribution Company involved in the motion picture and television businesses internationally and based out of Rome and Milan, Italy. He also, is executive producing a few select films.


In addition to the above Mr. Perkins has been a long time member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and has served on its Board of Governors. He also has been a long time member of the Hollywood Radio and Television Society and served on its Board of Directors. He has also served for about fifteen years on the USC Libraries Scripter Award selection panel that annually selects the best screenplay/novel adaptation each year and gives awards to the novel's author and the screenwriter. This panel is composed of top people from the entertainment industry and university officials.

The awards are presented at a major dinner each February or March.


Mr. Perkins attended UCLA and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Business Administration and a Minor in Theatre Arts. He also attended the UCLA Law School. In 1987, Mr. Perkins received an Honorary PhD in Media Communications from Pacific Western University. He has also lectured graduate classes at the USC School of Film and Television.


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e-mail: rowlandperk@earthlink.net