Professor Joseph Boskin
Creative Advisor

Joseph Boskin is currently a professor emeritus of American Social History & African-American Studies at Boston University. He was also the Director of the Urban Studies & Public Policy Program for several decades.   

Among his publications are a variety of books and articles in American Popular Culture, particularly in people's humor and public comedy: Sambo: The Rise & Demise of an American Jester (1986), Rebellious Laughter: People's Humor in American Culture (1997) and The Humor Prism in 20th Century America (1997). He has numerous pieces in an assortment of encyclopedias, most recently in the new edition of American National Biography (1999): Jack Benny, W. C. Fields, The Marx Brothers, Lenny Bruce and Godfrey Cambridge; and "Humor During the Great Depression" in the Encyclopedia of the Great Depression (2003).

In addition to his university activities, Professor Boskin has been heavily involved in radio and television. He wrote and served as the host for several television series: "From Appomattox to Hiroshima" (CBS: Sunrise Semester series) and "The Negro in American Culture" (NBC). Over the years, he has served as a major advisor and consultant to a medley of television specials, the last being "Countdown 100: The Greatest Achievements 0f the 20th Century" (Arnold Shapiro
Productions). He is a frequent guest on local and nationwide television shows, including the "Today Show."   

In the commercial realm, Professor Boskin has published articles in the New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times & The World & I. Within the past several years, he has written popular essays, a memoir about his U.S. Army experience in Northern Greenland, and he is currently writing a novel about double-lives in America.