Houman Mahboubi-Fardi

Executive Vice President

Houman Mahboubi-Fardi brings over 10 years experience in project management, fund-raising and project development in real estate, entertainment and product merchandising to Picture Book Productions. He has extensive knowledge developing, creating and implementing theatrical productions with a vision that goes beyond profit-making and creativity.

As Vice President of Production for Picture Book Productions since January, 2001 Mr. Mahboubi-Fardi is responsible for developing and executing numerous audio-visual theater productions using the new PBP art form. He also handles production and sourcing of books and CDs as collateral and promotional material for theater productions; implements the company’s social responsibility marketing; handles fund-raising for the development of various projects; and facilitates and develops merger proposals between PBP and various companies and financiers.  

Before joining PBP, he was President of Frey A Productions in Los Angeles which acquired and developed scripts for theatrical production, developed private equity financing sources for $1-$20m budget films, monitored spec scripts for television and film and packaged projects with agencies and management companies to be financed for theatrical production.  

He also served as President of Bow and Arrow Productions and oversaw production of Kick to Fit, an exercise video that grossed over $1.5 million in sales and he was involved with the acquisition and supervision of new projects.   

From 1992 to 1996, Mr. Mahboubi-Fardi was with a company that acquired and developed commercial and residential real estate properties and helped develop The Rose Wood Project Hotel in Beverly Hills.

He is a graduate of University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration-Real Estate/Finance and Management.