Allan Jay Friedman

Founder and President of Picture Book Productions, LLC


President of The Center for Top Performance


President and CEO


The Family Film Awards


The Olympia Awards

(The Olympics of the Eight Arts)


"Allan Jay FriedmAllan Jay Friedman is an Adventure-Entrepreneur along with being an Multi-Award Winning Producer-Writer-Composer and Lyricist, who The New York Daily News said is known for his innovation in new art forms."


Allan's entertainment and theatrical career began when he wrote a modern-day adaptation of the fairy tale, “Rapunzel,” now called “The Devil and Aunt Meany." This musical was optioned by Roger L. Stevens, the Founder of the Kennedy Center and the Producer of “Westside Story.”

Soon thereafter, he was commissioned by The Dramatic Publishing Company to compose the score for the only authorized versions of J.R.R. Tolkien 's musical stage adaptation of The Hobbit and A.A. Milne's "Winnie The Pooh."

It was Jackie Kennedy who gave Friedman's career a jump-start when she approved him as the Producer-Creator and Composer of the Emmy Award winning Television Documentary based on the life of JFK, "The Young Man From Boston."”

Later, Bobby Kennedy chose Friedman as the Producer-Writer-Composer of the TV Series, "The 1000 Days of JFK."

Along with winning Emmy Awards, UPI and Catholic Association Awards, Friedman has written over 3000 pieces of music and 15 produced musicals.

Mr. Friedman gets hundreds of productions a year of his works, many of which have been performed at such places as the Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center.

Some of Mr. Friedman's projects, for which he wrote either the music or music and lyrics and libretto include: the musical version of "The Emperor's New Clothes,' written with Multi-Academy Award Winner, Paul Francis Webster; "Pinocchio and Mounette," written with Bob Merrill ( Funny Girl and Carnival); "One Shining Moment," written with Multi-Academy-Tony- Award Winner, Leslie Bricusse (Longest running Musical at Chicago's Drury Lane); "The Bad Children," written with Shirley Jackson; "Lady Windemere's Fan," the musical, written with Dorothy Parker; "Shakespeare and the Indians," written with Tony Award Winner, Dale Wasserman (Man of La Mancha and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest); "A Walk In The Sky," written with Dale Wasserman; “"Walden Pond," written with Academy Award Winner, Eddie Heyman; "ThePiano Bench" (A one-person musical review of Friedman's life and the people with whom he has worked); "The Princess of Forever"(Based on the New York Times Best Selling Novel, "The Legend of Holly Claus" by Brittney Ryan) - for which Friedman composed the music and lyrics and co-wrote the libretto with Brittney Ryan (This premiered at FAO Schwarz and was presented by the Mayor of El Paso, Texas to a sold out audience of over 2000 people.) He also wrote a new anthem for Sri Lanka, "Hand In Hand," which was presented at their 63rd National Anniversary Event of their liberation for many of the Counsel Generals of the World and an audience of 1500.

Through a collaboration with Frank Sinatra, Allan was introduced to Gene Kelly, who became his first producing partner.

Other partners and working associates have included: David L. Wolper, Robert Stigwood, Steve Allen, Gene Kelly, Ned Tanen, Vidal Sassoon, Buzz Feitshans, Dorothy Parker, Hal David, Dale Wasserman, Paul Francis Webster, Leslie Bricusse, Bob Merrill, Sammy Cahn, Dr. Edward de Bono, Dr. Karen Burke Goulandris, Dr. Richard Mc Kinsey.

Other attorneys have included: Barry Hirsch, Dean Johnson of O'Melvny and Myers, Bruce Ramer of Gang, Tyre, Brown and Ramer, Jerry Phillips of Phillips and Nizer, Paul Sherman of Pryor, Cashman and Sherman and Joel Katz and Andrew Velcoff of Greenberg and Traurig Law Firm..

He was commissioned to write the musical screenplay and the music and lyrics for an upcoming motion picture based on Rouben Terzian's product line called, "The Only Hearts Girl's Club.” This will follow the format of the successful "High School Musical" but will be targeted for a younger audience.

He has been commissioned to write the piano concerto and choral rhapsody for "The Statue of Humanity," ala the Statue of Liberty, which will be erected in Long Beach, Ca.

He is in Pre-Production and Executive Producing and writing the score for the Motion Picture Documentary and movie, "Angels In The Sky," with Multi-Academy Award- Emmy-Tony-Grammy Winner, Jonathan Tunick, Jack Epps,Jr. (Top Gun) and Three-Time Motion Picture Academy Award documentary maker, Mark Jonathan Harris. It is based upon the founding of the Israeli Air Force that led to Israel's Independence in 1948. It is being produced by Michael Flint. This will be followed by a concert with a major star and Symphony Orchestra, telling this story theatrically and then a major theatrical motion picture. Additionally, there will be a Broadway musical ala "A Chorus Line," about the lives of eighteen Holocaust Victims who tell their stories through music, song and dance.

Mr. Friedman is preparing a season of musical/concerts a year, which includes: "The Working Girl's Guide to Finding a Mate;" and, "Why?"... about eighteen homeless children from around the world telling their story of how they became homeless and questioning 'Why?'. Much of the monies earned will go to help to get the 150 million homeless children a place to live, food to eat and to help provide an education for them.

Allan created several reality T.V. Series including:"So You Want To Be On Broadway;" "So You Want To Be A Hero," which finds heroes of all kinds; and "Homeless Make-Overs," about transforming the homeless into the beautiful people they were born to be.

Mr. Friedman has completed several books including: "Dream of Camelot;" "Pinocchio and Mounette;" "The Camelot Conspiracy;""Dr. Magic Saves The World;" and, "Satan's Secret Societies"(How They Rule The World.)

Along with the above, he is working on a Children's Encyclopedia of Health called, "Think and Bea" with Dr. Karen Burke. It is about these two animated character's adventures through the human body. These short picture-books, written with some of the most distinguished doctors in the world from every specialty, will also be produced as a children's action-adventure TV series that takes place in the human body.

After a ten year hiatus because of the death of his partner, Dick Clark, Antonio Gellini, Founder and Owner of “The Family Film Awards,” has chosen Allan as Dick Clark's succesor. The Family Film Awards honors the best, editor, sound engineer, cinematographer, composer, writer, director, producer and film in the category of family entertainment. Award Winning Writer-Composer-Lyricist-Producer, Allan Jay Friedman, will be the writer-composer and producer of this prestigious two-hour TV Awards Specials.

Additionally, Allan is the President and CEO of the Olympia Awards, the Olympics of the 8 Arts ( Music, Art, Literature, Sculpture Dance, Fashion, Film and Theater). He gave an historic speech at the UN in June of 2014.

Mr. Friedman attended the University of Texas In El Paso, where he majored in Pre-Med, History and Pre-Law. He was President of the Student Council and Honor Society, Commander of the R.OT.C. Corp and elected to Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. He won the Distinguished Military Award and was an Officer in the US Army. Friedman attended Law Schools at the University of Texas and New York University and received a Masters Degree in Public Health Administration at UCLA. This degree was given to pursue his interest in elevating the spirit, mind and body, through first class-value-based-entertainment, that focuses on achieving the highest level of spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and environmental health.

He is currently the President of The Center for Top Performance, whose Board of Advisors include Nobel Prize Laureates, Olympic and Professional Athletes and Celebrities.

Allan also has a real estate license and is heavily involved in commercial real estate along with hotel-resort-sales, purchases and development with his partner, Houman Mahboubi-Fardi; as well as the toy business, with his associate, Rouben Terzian (Toy Maker's Hall of Fame.)

Recently, PBP work-shopped its second Musical, "Trust Your Goosebumps, Cornelius Puck" This musical used a new three-dimensional-interactive-visual-art form and a pre-recorded orchestral track with live musicians. The musical starred Tony Award Winner, Robert Morse. PBP's first musical, using this new art form, was "Pinocchio and Mounette." Twenty thousand people attended its three-week production and over ten thousand books with CD's were sold.


To learn more, please contact Mr. Friedman at: ajayprod@earthlink.net